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Domestic, family, and sexual violence are major health, welfare and social issues that can have lifelong impacts for victims.  Violence against women occurs across cultures and communities and it’s important to understand that violence against women does not always involve physical abuse.   Aside from physical abuse domestic violence it can take many forms, including sexual, social, emotional, cultural, spiritual, financial as well as a wide range of controlling, coercive and intimidating behaviours.   In Australia, women are almost three times more likely than men to experience violence inflicted by a partner.    On Average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner.

To end men’s violence against women, we need to challenge attitudes and behaviours – this will take time, but here are some practical steps men can take every day to help end men’s violence against women:

  • Be a role model to other men, women, and children. Teach them that violence is unacceptable and talk about ways to manage negative feelings that could result in day-to-day intermate partner conflict.  Develop respectful relationships with women.  Be an example to other men, treat women with respect and as equals, be mindful of how language as well as actions can be disrespectful and abusive.

Healthy relationships help create gender equality, express your feelings directly and in non-violent ways, for example express your appreciation of your partner or when disagreements occur manage your words and behaviours respectfully.

Sometimes you may see your friends behaving abusively, for example sexually harassing a woman in the pub or telling sexist jokes.  If this happens, challenge it.   Challenge sexist language, jokes, and behaviours.  This type of language and behaviour help create the impression that women are inferior to men, leaving an impression that women are “objects”.  Language of this nature is part of the abuse that portrays women as mealy a possession.  Point out when you hear sexist language or sexist jokes and encourage others to be respectful towards women.


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